BioMarine: Connecting businesses across sectors to build the new Blue Economy


BioMarine is a private organization at the intersection of research, business, and investment. Since 2008, our socio-economic approach is designed to optimize and accelerate business opportunities as well as the development of small, innovative companies. BioMarine Organization offers consulting services and has organized since 2008 international events such as 10 BioMarine Business Conventions, several thematic workshops with one-to-one meetings (on site or virtually), and MyBlueCity expos. In 2021 and 2022, Seaweed Around The Clock, our last innovative event, showcased non-stop for 24 hours the seaweed industry from New Zealand to French Polynesia, giving the floor not only to experts from science, industry, or finance but also to First Nations and Aboriginal communities who explained their link to the ocean.



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This BioMarine Convention is dedicated to the blue economy at large and is a high-level trans-sectorial networking meeting.

The registrations for BioMarine Biarritz 2024 are open. All information about the venue, sponsors, programme, fees, delegations and sponsoring/visibility are updated 

8 hotels are partners of our event. Discounted accommodation fees (deadline is 15 dec 2023 to benefit from the rates) and links will be sent to you upon your registration. If any question, reach out to us at


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To view BioMarine360 interviews, “One Hour With” or other replays, check YouTube BioMarineTV , the new online channel dedicated to marine bio resources and the blue growth. It is an open channel. Some of our videos are:

BioMarine 360 (Quick interviews)

Rhianna Rees, Seaweed Academy Coordinator, SAMS Enterprise , UK  here

Jean-Baptiste Dellon, CEO of Seppic, France  here

Assaf Shechter, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Enzootic,Singapore  here

Mario de Tilly, Directeur de IDETR, Qc, Canada  here

Paul Garrott , CEO & Managing Director, Marinova, Australia  here

Hugh Butler, founder of Biosea Health, Philippines and Sunshine Coast Australia   here

Stephanie Canac, co-founder of OceanHub Africa, South Africa   Here

Sigurbjörg Daníelsdóttir,CEO of Sjobjorg, Norway  here

Ghislaine Tissot-Lécuelle, CEO of Alganelle, France here

Wenche Uksnøy, Manager of the cluster NCE (Norwegian Centres of Expertise) Blue Legasea. Here

Marc St Onge, CEO of Smal Food Inc. and also founder of Bend Beauty. Canada  here

Jason Cole, Executive Vice President, Innovation of C-Combinator, USA. here

Lilja Kjalarsdóttir, CEO Saga Natura Iceland. here

“One Hour with”

Pierre Rocheteau, CEO Olgram, France :   VIDEO    -      PODCAST     

Eva Prieschl, CSO Marinomed, Austria  :   VIDEO   -   PODCAST    

Rudy Koopmans, Director, Plastics Innovation Competence Center, Switzerland  VIDEO    -   PODCAST    

Vincent Nida, Deputy CEO Premium Beauty Division & New Businesses, Groupe Rocher, France   VIDEO - PODCAST    

Valeria Montalescot, Senior Project manager for Global Seaweed Star, Scottish Association For Marine Science, UK     VIDEO   

Eric de Quatrebarbes, Executive Vice President Capgemini – Head of the Europe Cluster Business Unit   VIDEO