BioMarine Digital on blue biopackaging and biomaterials Nov 17 & 18 in partnership with Trois Rivières Quebec

Below you can check our programme, our delegates, our partners & sponsors, and why Trois-Rivières Canada will be strategic for the blue biomaterials and biopackaging.

On Nov 17 and 18, join us during the last digital event of the year ! 4 workshops on Nov 17th : Innovative food packaging - Industrial packaging & Carbon footprint - Biomaterials for the future - Why Seaweed bioplastic is becoming the next investment trend?

Listen to our experts, ask your questions and connect with them during the one to ones on Nov 18th.

️Nov.17 from 1:45pm to 6:30pm CET : 5 hours of live sessions.

️Nov.18 from 2pm to 5pm CET : 3 hours of pre-scheduled 1to1 meetings ( online scheduling opens Nov. 9; request your meetings, update your profile, chat with other delegates).

💳Thanks to our partners and sponsors, the fee for the digital event is 70 euros (84 euros for a french company).



Who will be there, ready to connect with you?

🌎23 countries to date: Australia, Belgium, Brazil,Canada, Denmark, Estonia,France, Germany, Iceland, India, Israel,Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, UK, USA, Tanzania


🤝.... You will be able to contact (to date) : Africinvest Group, AGHAMM,Amcor,Amorim Cork Composites, Antarctic Science Foundation, Arctic Diatom AS, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Atmoo,Biobridge,A&A Epiphany, BioBlue Foundation, BioMarine Capital, BioMarine Organization, B'ZEOS,Brabender GmbH & Co. KG, Cambia Capita, l, Caño,Cascade Canada,CaseMed,C-Combinator, CDE Grande-Rivière, CelluForce,Cogea, Clawed Hat Films, Corporation de développement économique (CDE) de Grande-Rivière, Covea Finance, CRBM, CRIBIQ, D.C. THOMSON & CO. LTD, Danish Sovereign Investment Fund, Dismoi,Eastmore Group, Eco Entreprises Quebec, EFHutton Group, Endobios, Environment and Climate Change Canada, European Circular,  Bioeconomy Fund, European Commission, Expansion Strategies inc.,Gamma textiles, Génome Québec, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Grisea, Hubmode & Fashion Green Hub, Innofibre, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Integral Affinity, Investissement Quebec International, ITEGA, Kelp Forest Foundation, Kelpi (UK), Kelpy (AUS),Kemira chemicals, Kemitek,LafargeHolcim, L'Oréal,LVMH, MadeinSea, Produção Marinha Sustentável Lda, Mara Seaweed, Marea, Merinov, Marine Institute, MUN ,Mwani Zanzibar, Natural Products Canada, Nestlé, Norcan Petroleum Group Inc., Nova Scotia Business Inc. , NSBI, Outlander Materials, Pac West Ventures, Plastics Innovation Competence Centre, Pôle des technologies propres de la Gaspésie, Procter & Gamble Europe, PSG Life Sciences, Pure Flow Filtersysteme, SeaChange Biochemistry, Seventure Partners, SoftSeaweed, Solublue, Sway, Technopole maritime du Québec, TerraVerdae BioWorks, Thalasso Ocean, The University of Kiel, University of Haifa, Total Energies Ventures, UQTR, Verschuren Centre Inc, Vesta Smart Packaging, Vetik, Vibers, Vyldness, We Grow Green Tech, Zero circle, Zeefier


Our partnership with Trois-Rivières, Canada:

Trois-Rivières wants to showcase its leading expertise in the research of cellulose-based products involving wood components, algae, and marine co-products. The entire region is supporting the development of a world center of competence and expertise on biomaterials and bio-packaging, capitalizing on the experience of its local actors, their international partners, and its strong expertise inherited from the forest product industry.

Learn more about Trois-Rivières in this short clip HERE


Information about Synchronex ( clip in french)

Synchronex is a network of 59 college centres for the transfer of technologies and innovative social practices, also known as CCTT. Throughout Quebec, around 1500 experts in technological and social innovation aid businesses and organizations to increase their effectiveness, productivity, and competitiveness.

Each centre is active in a specific area of expertise such as artificial intelligence, education, agriculture, innovative manufacturing, green technologies, and integration of immigrants to name a few. Each centre, firmly established in its academic institution, has an acute understanding of the issues and needs in their region and industry.

The centres are a gateway to other members and industries within the CCTT network and as such give support to businesses and organizations that wish to develop technological and social solutions that address real challenges.

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