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Enzootic, Singapore

From Tel-Aviv , we are interviewing Assaf Shechter, the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Enzootic.

Enzootic is a Singaporean headquartered shrimp biotechnology company that developed a pioneering patented technology enabling for the first time, high-density mono-sex economic farming of the desired freshwater Queen PrawnTM Macrobrachium rosenbergii, one of Asia’s seafood delicacies and the most environmentally friendly farmed shrimp alternative.

Enzootic aspires to transform Queen PrawnTM from a local delicacy in Asia to a global sustainably farmed seafood of choice. By controlling all segments of the supply chain, from its nucleus breeding center in Israel and all the way to the commercial production in Thailand, Enzootic is in a position to offer unique quality and genetic traceability of the only ocean-free farmed shrimp option.

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