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    Apr 13, 2018

    Blue biotechnology and aquaculture are global growth industries in the blue economy with an increasing requirement for a highly skilled workforce. To develop of a "sur mesure" Applied Blue Biotechnology Masters II programme at the University of La Rochelle, a survey of skills gaps perceived by blue biotechnology and aquaculture employers is performed by the Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career consortium to improve programme structure and content.

     An online Google survey form was designed (available at https://bit.ly/2HvqOn0) and aims at being filled by blue biotechnology and aquaculture enterprises across Europe and World.

    Participants are asked to complete the form as if they are intending to recruit a newly qualified technical member of staff with masters-level training. A free text box allows participants to state any other skills or attributes they felt would be important if they were about to employ a masters-level worker.


    The structure and content of the Applied Blue Biotechnology Masters II programme is then adjusted to incorporate the new insights provided by the relevant employers. The programme includes 6 months working at a blue biotechnology or aquaculture enterprise to develop key employability skills and to apply knowledge and skills obtained during a 4-month period of teaching to an industrially-relevant research project.

    More information on : https://www.bbmbc.eu/

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