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June 17th - 16 hours non stop from Tahiti to Alaska counterclockwise ⚠️

🌏65 attending countries to date!



PANELISTS - from 6 AM CET to 22 PM CET


Tearii Alpha, Vice-President, Minister of Marine Resources , Government of French Polynesia

Clare Bradley, Director, Agri Sea NZ Seaweed, New Zealand

Nigel Bradly, Founder & Director, Envirostrat, New Zealand

Brendan Flack, Representative, Ngāi Tahu tribe, New Zealand

Hayley Fraser-Mackenzie, Director, Pacific Harvest, New Zealand

Caroline McMillen, Chief Scientist for South Australia, South Australia Government

Wei Zhang, Director Flinders Center for Marine Bioproducts developments, Australia

Damien Stringer, Operations Manager, Marinova Pty Ltd, Australia

Pia Winberg, CEO, PhycoHealth and Venus Shell Systems, Australia

Jo Kelly, CEO Australian Seaweed Institute, Australia

Tony Haymet, Board Member Antarctic Science Foundation Australia, Emeritus Director Scripps Institution of Oceanography USA

Brian Von Herzen, Executive Director, Climate Foundation, Australia

Tony Arioli R&D Director, SeaSol, Australia

Nick Hill, Co-founder, CEO Coast 4C, Australia

Helen Fitton, Seaweed Expert, Australia

Pierre Erwes, Executive Chairman BioMarine

Pedro Lima, CEO, CSO and co-founder Sea4Us, Portugal

Eva Prieschl, CSO, Marinomed Biotech AG, Austria

Pierre Rocheteau, CEO, Olgram, France

Andreea Strachinescu, Unit Director Research, Innovation and Investment, DG MARE European Commission

Isabelle de Cremoux, President and CEO, Seventure Partners, France

John Thomson, DC Thomson Group, UK

Antonin Calzarossa, Investment Officer – Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Vincent Doumeizel, Senior Advisor, United Nations Global Compact / Director Food Programme, Lloyd's Register Foundation

Alexis Bautzmann, President Areion Group | Consilde Media Group, France

Christine Garcia, Director of Development and Innovation Unit for Cosmetic and Nutrition Active Ingredients, SEPPIC, France

Jason Cole, Executive Vice President for Innovation, C-Combinator, UK

Klaartje Schade, CEO & Founder, Mwani Zanzibar, Tanzania

Rudy Koopmans, Director, Plastics Innovation Competence Center, Switzerland

Cédric Dever, Packaging Materials strategy Manager, L'Oréal, France

Jean-Philippe Jacques, Directeur, Innofibre, Qc, Canada

Frank Lehmann, Vice President Corporate Venturing & Open Innovation, Amcor, Switzerland

CRK Reddy, CEO, Indian Centre for Climate and Societal Impact Research, India

Esben Christiansen, Founder & CEO, Pure Algae, Denmark

Haydar H. Al Sahtout, Seaweed aquaculture expert and advisor, National Fisheries Development Program, Saudi Arabia

Ricardo Serrão Santos, Minister for the Seas, Government of Portugal

Alexandra Cousteau, Founder and President, Ocean 2050, Germany

Iain Shepperd, Seaweed and climate expert, European Commission's Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Belgium

Olavur Gregersen, Managing Director, Ocean Rainforest , Faroe Islands

Daniela Cedola, Director PwC, Luxembourg

Ragnhild Dragøy, Research Director Marine Biotechnology, Nofima, Norway

Marjorie Perrimon, Director of international regulatory affairs and toxicology, Fareva, France

Trond Helgerud, Seaweed and Clean Label R&D Leader, Managing Director Dupont Nutrition, Norway

David Myslabodski, SeaVegetables/Seaweeds Connoisseur, Maine, USA

Mounir Boulkout, Managing Director, SELT Marine Group, Tunisia

Fiona Houston, CEO Mara seaweed, UK

Jennifer Lamy, Sustainable Seafood Initiative Manager, The Good Food Institute, USA

Valeria Montalescot, Senior Project Manager for Global Seaweed STAR, SAMS, UK

Antoine Erwes, Seaweed Project Manager, BioMarine, France

Kim Buffitt, President Coop solidarité Bioproduits, QC, Canada

Jorge Vega Matos, Activating new economies & communities for sustainable futures & healthy oceans, C-Combinator, Germany

Paulina Zanela, Chief Operating Officer, Thalasso AS, Mexico

Warren Dowd, Co-Founder, Stealth Startup Blue Economy, Canada

Mike Williamson, President, Cascadia Seaweed, Bc, Canada

Markos Scheer, CEO, Seagrove kelp AK, USA

Mitchell Lench, CEO, Ocean’s Balance Inc, Maine, USA

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