What is BioMarine?

BioMarine is not a conference on aquaculture or seafood. It’s not a conference at all, nor a place where you do your emails listening to Key notes. BioMarine is an industry & investment platform, a global accelerator where you literally run all day long, interacting with people from all over the world, chasing the best opportunities, the investor who will fund your project, the government that will support your development.

Our focus?

Marine ingredients, marine compounds and all marine resources for feed, food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, biomaterials and bioplastics, pharmaceuticals, environmentals and biotechnology processes including biorefinery.

It is the right platform for you if:

You are entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations, government agencies, investors, from the blue bio industry or from the regular industries.

You have a service, a product, an idea you wish to develop or fund.

You are part of a large corporation and wish to understand what the emerging trends are, the new comers and the future block busters. 

Your region or city wish to attack entrepreneurs from the blue economy, connect them with local industry in need of innovative solutions.


What is MyBlueCity?

It’s not a trade show! It’s a giant immersive demonstrator organized as a City, which showcases the blue economy sectors. Organized around 11 districts, each district can host up to 5 demos. A demo must explain for each product and / or service the entire value chain and what are the key transformations that make this raw material such an innovative product.

Over the 80 demos, 30 have already been assigned to Portuguese startups and SMEs. If you run a demo you won’t be able to participate to BioMarine. So, you must plan ahead and bring more staff if needed. As we organized personalized demo tours for the CEOs participating at BioMarine you should be able to pitch your demo during the tour in 2 minutes. On MyBlueCity we will also run pitching sessions: 12 PhDs, 12 startups, and Blue Cites or regions.


Check our 2018 program HERE

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