One hour with ... Pierre Rocheteau, co-founder and CEO Olgram, France

One hour with …… Pierre Rocheteau, Co-Founder and CEO, Olgram, France

   🕑  Thursday, January14th @ 14:00 CET

Live interview followed by questions from the online audience


Exploring the marine environment in order to find unique solutions to eliminate the origin of the recalcitrance of bacterial infectious diseases.

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🔎     More information on OLGRAM:

Olgram is a biotechnology company fighting against chronic infectious diseases by developing two programs:

1) A new immunostimulatory drug thanks to a molecule found in algae
2) A new class of anti-infectives to kill persistent bacteria

In June 2019: the project is awarded with grand laureate I-Lab price of the BPI France. The project MAPOLI (Marine Polysaccharides for Immunity) is granted Grand Lauréat for the 2019 edition of the i-Lab competition.

Olgram is  the  pharmaceutical branch of the Amadeite group. Amadeite / Olmix  has dedicated itself to the emergence of a sustainable agriculture. Pierre Rocheteau is the co-Founder and CEO of Olgram  : "We have found and patented in algae a new molecule able to stimulate the immune system in immunodepressed injured models with unique biological and clinical properties that could avoid the nosocomial infections, providing doctors with a new therapeutic tool that will be life saving for hundreds of thousands of patients every year".


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