BioMarine fastest growing trend: Organic seaweed farming

When it comes to seaweed, a fundamental shift has taken place in recent years with the rise of the ethical consumer. This shift in consumer preferences has provided a powerful wake-up call for any brand committed to longevity. A 2020 retail trend report showed that 66% of global consumers are now willing to pay more for sustainable goods that are manufactured with the environment in mind. Sustainably sourced seaweed fits extremely well into this space.


Mozambique Organic Seaweed farms

Extensive research has confirmed that well-managed, seaweeds are a rapidly renewable marine resource and a unique source of carbon storage . Only a very few companies have started to farm and produce organic seaweed around the globe. The most reputable manufacturers of organic seaweed production only source macro algae from the cleanest ocean waters with all harvesting and processing operations conducted in accordance with global best practices and no chemical at all. Seaweeds are harvested on an environmentally sustainable basis, avoiding any collection from areas prone to industrial, agricultural, or human contamination. Most importantly the social economic dimension is one key success factor for these organic farms. 100% of women! It’s a true new dimension as women tend to invest in the local community development, kid’s education, and sustainable practices for a better living.

With rising consumer demand for high-purity products that are certified organic and ethically sourced, the efforts of organic seaweed producers committed to quality and sustainability should be highlighted. Reputable organic seaweed suppliers should be able to provide clear details about their seaweed harvesting methods, source species, extraction techniques, quality control, scientific credibility, and global regulatory frameworks.


It’s a brand-new world that we are preparing for the after Covid crisis and it’s time for you to embark. If you’re looking for public funding, for government support or any charity money, then this is not the place for you. We offer only business opportunities, joint ventures, hard work, constant questioning about the new developments and a unique blue vision. This is BioMarine and I’m glad to be leading one of this future game changer project. Stay tuned as we will announce soon the new 2021 BioMarine grid!


Pierre Erwes


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