Pink Dream or Blue Nightmare?


Seaweed film

It's a race agaisnt time. In our quest of innovative solutions, this year I contacted over 17 seaweed bioplastic designers. Most of them have smart  ideas and manage a very cool and good communication.


But what is behind the scenes?  

Most of the time there is an empty box! The point is not to design a cool polymer that will excite industry designers. The real point is to develop a sustainable and affordable polymer that will contributes in a very efficent way to the plastic mix which includes the petroleumone and the so called bioplastic using feedstock and fresh water resources. 

Seaweed is a valuable resource. We must anticipate the needs of the industry and develop a sustainable production that includes wild harvesting, offshore cultivation, and RAS. You can have the best seaweed bioplastic solution, if you do not master the entire value chain from cultivation, processing,and final product desiging , then your success rate is becoming incredibly low. How will you handle price fluctuation, availability of raw material,  quantities, and the quality?

In our BioMarine global network only a very few companies have achieved this. We do value our partners and their vision. We are convinced that the seaweed market will become one big driver for jobs  and value  creation in the after Covid crisis.

Get ready and join the blue wave.

Pierre Erwes

BioMarine Chairman

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