Important: Call for Interest ( seaweed farming and processing)

Oct 24, 2020



Call for interest:


One of our BioMarine key partner is developing seaweed farms in the following regions:


- New Zealand,

- Western Australia,

- South Africa,

- Namibia,

- Alaska,

- Norway,

- Greenland

- Eastern Canada.


The Company has a serious proven track record and considers social and environmental impact as key stone of its vision.  The company has 25 years of expertise in seaweed farming (over 1000ha of seaweed farms), seaweed processing, extraction and formulation of final products. In 2021 the company expect to increase its production of:


- Conventionnel agar-agar (E406)

- Bacteriological agar-agar (E406)

- Organic agar-agar (E406)

- Semi Refined (PES 407a) and refined Carrageenan (E407) (kappa and iota type) for food, feed, medical diagnosis and cosmetics industries.


The company intends now to farm and process other species such as : Laminaria and Saccharina, Fucus. The company is looking to establish Joint Ventures, while bringing its expertise in farming, processing and extracting.


If you are looking for partner please contact me so we can start to initiate discussions: or

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