Dear BioMarine Community,

I have been positively surprised by the many nice words, I received after the announcement of the new position in the Blue Forward Fund. I know Isabelle de Cremoux for almost 15 years and this new venture came to us, as a natural and evident move. Seventure partners has an amazing track records in fund management and BioMarine is the oldest and largest blue bio-resource’s network. 


Our Blue Bio Economy is fully circular, sustainable, socially responsible and checks the boxes of healthy food, healthy ingredients, and healthy environment. For more than 11 years BioMarine has been involved in the development of the blue bio economy. Our core values include, innovation, value creation, social economic development, and environment protection and investment. We supported the launched of the international Blue cooperative which is now getting the right momentum, we are committed to seaweed certification to accelerate the deployment of blue bonds based on carbon trading ( this will allow more community infrastructure investments, more licenses for seaweed offshore aquaculture and a decent side income to seaweed farmers). We pledge for the development of the seaweed industry as a high value compounds market and not just as a commodity market! We have initiated many cooperations around our blue bio plastic project and we are now preparing the ground for the next blue challenge: plant cell technology!

With almost 6,500 companies in our BioMarine community, we have decided to support the development of blue SMEs. We have intitate the process of selecting the 1500 blue SMEs that we will consider for future investments. The new financial vehicle will focus on the uses of marine bio resources for feed, nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, bio packaging and environmentals. If you are part of our BioMarine community it’s time to update your company profile with key data and relevant information. You can also contact me ( and send me a full deck with non-confidential information so we can start reviewing your project, your vision to make the after Covid world a safer place, with healthy food, natural marine ingredients for personal care and cosmetics, a place where new clean bio materials will shape our future while natural marine compounds will lead to advance drugs and vaccines.

We are still "Go" (hoping there will not be a second COVID wave) for our november event in Biarritz- France, to present some of these emerging sectors and fast growing to our investor community. Feel free to contact me if you wish to receive more information. Best in blue. #BlueForward, #BioMarine

The future is blue and it's starting today.

Best in blue

Pierre Erwes - BioMarine chairman

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