SEAKURA – a seaweed treasure from Israel to the World

SEAKURA – a seaweed treasure from Israel to the World!


Yizhar Feldman has spent the past 20 years gaining experience in senior management positions, managing multiple teams and P&L projects. Born and raised with the humble and land-valuing principles of a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee, Kibbutz Afikim, Yizhar completed his military service as a special forces officer in 2000 and moved into the tech scene, holding leadership roles in a variety of companies, amongst them: Bringg, Intel Sport, Replay Technologies, Netafim, Logic Industries and AKT. Within these capacities, Yizhar gained vast experience managing experts, consultants, integration teams, software & application developers, as well as unique vendors while working closely with legal, procurement and finance departments. 

Yizhar was brought in as CEO of SEAKURA, a pioneer in the field of sustainable marine aquaculture in Israel. SEAKURA’s experts have developed an advanced technology that allows the growth of seaweed on land within a monitored and controlled environment. Yizhar is delighted to be leading SEAKURA in its chief mission to find a solution for the globally increasing demand for natural food supply, supplements, and cosmetics while protecting the environment.    


BIOMARINE. Can you give us a bit of background information about SEAKURA (e.g. how it was created and by whom, location of the company, core business, turn over, size, subsidiaries and where, structure of capital - private, private/ public, listed)?

YS. SEAKURA is a privately owned aqua-tech company, located in Mikmoret, Israel, established in 2007 by Mr. Yossi Karta (, out of a powerful love for the sea and the environment, along with the desire to provide seaweed, which is rich in nutritional elements. This wish is expressed in the company’s name, composed of two words, "SEA" from English and "KURA" or treasure chest in Japanese. 

BIOMARINE. Can you tell us about the seaweed species you work with and the products you have already launched in the market? What are the sectors and the geographical markets you’re focusing on? Do you have any track records that you would like to share with us?

YS. SEAKURA grows Ulva Lactuca and Gracilaria (, we sell our Premium biomass in several forms: Fresh-frozen, Dry powder (Freeze Dry) and Dry flakes to several industries such as Culinary, Supplements and Cosmetics. We use Israel as a proof of concept for a line of unique dietary supplements launched in 2018 based on our organic Ulva seaweed, microalgae and essential nutrient, showing great success with more than 400 sales points across the country. Recently Seakura developed an amazing range of culinary end products utilizing its premium biomass including Seaweed bread, Seaweed crackers, Seaweed pearls, a variety of spreads and fresh pasta to showcase the amazing endless applications of using its biomass. During these days we are negotiating the distribution of these end products in Europe and the US to join Seakura’s seaweed biomass already being sold.










BIOMARINE. Can you tell us a bit more about how you’re working now? That is, can you give a bit of information about the methods you use for seaweed production, harvesting and processing?
YS. Filtered, closely monitored, year-round unique cultivation, no human hands. This innovative method replaces the traditional method of harvesting seaweed from the open ocean, where it is exposed to pollutants of all kinds that results in unstable harvest of very low-quality seaweed. Unlike open ocean harvest, we are EU Organic, USDA, ISO and BRC AA certified.  


BIOMARINE. What is YOUR Unique Selling Proposition? How do you distinguish from your competitors? 

YS. We grow Premium Ulva and Gracilaria seaweeds containing all the richness of the sea, on land, in monitored and controlled clean environment ( which fulfills the stringent conditions regarding heavy metals, biological pollutants and pesticides found in our oceans. This unique technology (patent pending) and growing process makes our seaweed packed full of the best nutritional values, minerals, fibers, pigments, antioxidants and protein. Year-round cultivation means manufacturers can rely on us for getting the same product consistently, thus meeting their yearly forecast.


BIOMARINE. Looking more into the future, can you tell us a bit more about SEAKURA's strategy in the short and long-term? That is, do you aim to extend the range of seaweed species and end products? What other sectors of the industry are appealing to you? What do you envisage in terms of growth, size, development alliances and R&D?

YS. SEAKURA is producing several end-user products to showcase its superior biomass to the industries in the different segments and in the long-term license its unique technology as a viable answer to the world's growing ecological debate and the continue growing demand for natural food. Click here to know more:


BIOMARINE. Are you planning to come to the 2020 Edition of the BioMarine? If yes what is your expectation (Fund raising, new clients, new partnerships, other)? What is the business proposition you want to bring to our delegates and the BioMarine Community?

YS. Yes indeed, SEAKURA will take an active part in the 2020 Edition of the BioMarine, we expect to meet new clients and establish new partnerships with strategic partners.


Do you want to know more about SEAKURA? Check their website HERE or connect with Yizhar and their team on the BioMarine Community!

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