Groupe Rocher – Nature-based products for everyone

Groupe Rocher – Nature-based products for everyone

Ana Ferreira (BioMarine Community Manager) 

Groupe Rocher is a family group of authentic wellness brands respectful of nature and at the service of people, united by shared values and a common ambition

These are the words of Bris Rocher, born in 1978 and grandson of Yves Rocher, who started working for the Group since his 16 years of age of which he is now Chairman and CEO. Holding dear all the Group’s value, he worked for the independency of my family legacy to keep alive this pioneering spirit through innovation and continuous improvement. The Group is now present in more than 110 countries through 10 brands and presents a 2.5 billion turnover. Aware of the duty in hands, as a worldwide company, taking care of people and the environment is a top priority for Bris Rocher – “This vision I have, inherited from my grandfather, will continue to be deployed in the coming years”.

This year, the BioMarine Convention proudly welcomes the Group Rocher as one of the main partners to boost more sustainable and healthier products based on green and blue ingredients. Don’t miss this unique interview!

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Groupe Rocher – sustainable products available to everyone

Born in Brittany, the Group was created from Yves Rocher's desire to create beauty products made from plants that could be affordable for everybody, while preserving the world around us. Bris Rocher told us all about the Group’s first steps – “The family's attachment to Brittany has made it possible to develop the village where it all began, La Gacilly, to become an emblem of the Group, a model for preserving biodiversity and a source of employment”. With a true pioneering vision, Bris shared some of the first actions towards sustainability, implemented years ago – “My grandfather was already a pioneer in many emblematic environmental topics: He imposed a ban on animal testing in 1989 (15 years before the law), he also stopped offering plastic bags in stores in 2006 (10 years before the law). My grandfather was a precursor and it’s really important for Groupe Rocher to be part of this eco-responsible approach”. 

For Bris Rocher, it is crucial for the Group to build on this vision and keep innovating towards sustainability – “We keep on going this vision through the will to master the product life cycle and to diversify our distribution channels. This allows us to offer accessible and affordable products while reducing our environmental footprint. As an example, we will celebrate next year the 100 millionth tree planted”. 


A strong commitment to sustainability

Even though sustainability, at this moment, can be seen as a very trendy concept, it is one that the Groupe Rocher takes very seriously – “The preservation of biodiversity is one of the challenges clearly identified by the Groupe Rocher since the beginning in its Responsible Development strategy, as it is in the DNA of its founder, M. Yves Rocher”. Such strategy is composed of 3 main axis, as Bris Rocher shared – “1) Engage in a new relationship with nature, by changing practices in response to changes in society; 2) Act as a responsible manager of natural resources, as an industrial company that respects living ecosystems; 3) To be an ambassador of biodiversity to all”. Inside the Group, this has been reflected in concrete measures to reduce the environmental impact, such as: 

● “Since 2010 we had already our carbon emissions by close 30% and we will continue our efforts to reach -50% emissions by 2030 vs 2010. We’ve also switched to 100% green electricity from renewable sources for all operations and offices in France and invested in systems and equipment that consume less energy and water. Our goal is to use 100% renewable energy in all our sites by 2030”; 

● “All our sites in France have the LPO label given to sites that protect birds”;

● “The Sustainable Development Department has issued guidelines for all Group sites and subsidiaries to improve their impact on biodiversity, water, energy, sustainable restoration, etc. The desire of the Group management to raise employee awareness and transform attitudes is illustrated by the internal "We R Change" mobilization process.  In 2019, more than forty sites mobilized around the great cause of "Zero Waste";

● “The Group is also involved to continuous improvement throughout its value chain. These include eco-design, the naturalness of cosmetic formulas and sharing our values with our suppliers”.












Looking for more sustainable ingredients and alternative plastic packaging

Vegetal ingredients are coming from natural resources on land and in oceans, and Bris Rocher shared his interest in looking for innovative and more sustainable resources – “At Groupe Rocher, we believe that nature is a source of wellbeing and offer products that provide our consumers with the benefits of nature. We have always been very careful about preserving the resources of our planet and biodiversity. Any solution that helps preserve the natural resources on land and in the oceans deserves to be considered and looked into”. 

Moreover, the Group takes the overall reduction of plastic as a top priority. We asked Bris Rocher how the group is anticipating the shift towards plastic reduction and the strategies in practice to achieve it – “Reduction of plastic and of waste overall is a priority for us. We’ve already made significant steps to reduce our plastic consumption in the past 10 years and our objective is to further reduce it by at least 30% by 2030 and use 100% of recyclable and recycled plastic in our products. It’s been a source of innovation for us, even in terms of formulation: last year, our brand Yves Rocher launched a concentrated shower gel and shampoo in an innovative packaging that delivers just the right amount and enables to reduce by 3 the size of the shampoo bottle, and by 4 the size of the shower gel bottle. Of course, we do not want to stop here and keep looking for innovative solutions which can be alternatives to plastic. We hope to meet interesting partners for that purpose during BioMarine!”. 


The Group expectations for the BioMarine Convention 2019

For the 2019 Edition of the BioMarine Convention, Bris Rocher shared the Group’s main expectations – “We are here to meet like-minded people who want to have a positive impact on the planet. We expect to tie partnerships that will help us provide disruptive blue innovation for our consumers as well as real alternative solutions to plastic”. More specifically, Bris Rocher shared with us what they are looking for – “We are looking to establish partnerships to help us develop products which are good to human beings and good for our planet. We believe in the power of community to create a movement to help reconnect human and nature and hope to share our passion with the BioMarine Community to bring more people to the movement”.

This means that great opportunities are waiting for you at the BioMarine Convention 2019. Don’t miss!


For more info about the Groupe Rocher, check out their website HERE or connect with the Team through the BioMarine Community!



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