SEPPIC – Bringing new, blue-based ingredients to the market

SEPPIC – Bringing new, blue-based ingredients to the market

Ana Ferreira (BioMarine Community Manager) 

This year again, the BioMarine Business Convention will count with the support of SEPPIC, represented by Remi Laville, Innovation & Development - Active Biotechnology Manager within SEPPIC's Innovation Department, that will bring new opportunities and challenges related to the use and potential of marine resources to provide healthier, sustainable and socially responsible ingredients to the industry.

Get to know more about SEPPIC, how they are exploring the marine resources and what challenges they aim to bring to the BioMarine Business Convention. Be prepared and don’t miss a beat!

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The Air Liquid Group and SEPPIC

The Air Liquid Group is a world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health. It serves mainly the Industrial Merchant sector and works in different sub-sectors, such as: Materials/Energy, Automotive/Manufacturing, Food/Pharmaceuticals, Tech/R&D, Professionals/Retail). SEPPIC joined the Air Liquide Group as a subsidiary, in 1986, integrating the Air Liquide Healthcare sector to serve the health and beauty markets and is dedicated to designs and markets specialty ingredients for health and beauty. Further ahead, SEPPIC acquired BiotechMarine in 2013 and Serdex in 2017, both companies being specialized in natural active ingredients.

For the last 75 years it has been designing, developing and producing a wide range of innovative ingredients used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and veterinary products and now their team is looking more and more into local, environmentally and socially sustainable ingredients, many of them marine-based.

SEPPIC has been focused in designing, developing and producing a wide range of innovative ingredients used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and veterinary products. They do this by combining multiple expertise in polymers, surfactants and emulsion technologies, active ingredients, biology, immunology, formulation, green chemistry, extraction and biotechnologies. Moreover, collaborations with Air Liquide Group are also diverse and it’s based on the groups’s different expertise and sectors.

Recently, the team has been looking for innovative ingredients from the sea as they represent healthier and sustainable solutions.


The drivers for SEPPIC’s investment in innovative and sustainable ingredients

For SEPPIC, sustainability is a business key component. Remi shared with us SEPPIC’s main drivers for the growing investment on sustainable ingredients - “Our Corporate Sustainability Program (CSP) is based on 3 pillars:  1) the eco-design of ingredients (100% of our new ingredients bring at least one environmental or health benefit by 2020) which includes, among others, a more sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and end of life processes; 2) the continuous reduction of our environmental impact, by reducing the impact of our manufacturing plants by 20% in 2020, when compared to 2012; 3) the development of the communities in which we operate with projects organized by all our entities around the globe and the involvement of our stakeholders”. Moreover, one of SEPPIC’s main driver for innovation and priorities setting are consumers’ and customers’ expectations, as Remi explained – “Key expectations concern naturality, sustainability, performance and safety. For this reason, we are expanding our portfolio of natural technologies and bio sourced products, and eco-designing our products, with the goal of designing and producing ingredients with the highest respect for people and the environment”. 


SEPPIC and the use of marine-based ingredients 

SEPPIC has been relying on marine ingredients due to their enormous potential to provide healthier, more efficient and sustainable solutions to their customers. Remi shared SEPPIC’s achievements so far on blue-based ingredients – “Our portfolio contains more than 80 active ingredients inspired from the sea, mainly derived from seaweeds and marine plants. We have also developed biotechnologies - Celtosome™ and Celebrity™ - to grow marine plants and macro-algae cells in bioreactors to create innovative active ingredients and avoid harvesting”. Due to this focus, a close partnership was developed between SEPPIC and BioMarine - “My team deals with active ingredients research and development for cosmetics and Human Food Supplement from algae and marine plant which come from sustainable wild harvest, in-vitro plant cell culture or macro-algae cell culture”. For this reason, collaboration and presence in the BioMarine Business Convention has been a great way for SEPPIC to be up to speed with the latest developments on the blue, as Remi explained – “In the marine world, there is still a lot to discover in terms of applications, new analytical techniques to bring out new phytochemical opportunities, or in terms of specimens, such as marine bacteria”. And this is precisely what we aim to unleash during this year’s Edition.


The challenges and expectations SEPPIC will bring to the BioMarine Convention 2019

Remi shared with us some of the challenges related to the use of marine ingredients – “The main challenges are related to the eco-extraction process (low energy consumption, low waste, absence of solvent) and the discovery of new active compounds”. For these reasons, SEPPIC has teamed up with BioMarine for another year to look for new opportunities on responsible sourcing (new origin, new species, by-product, etc) and technologies, while keeping a close interest in the International Blue Coop we are creating – “This initiative is really appealing for SEPPIC, as supporting local communities with local business and sourcing is part of our responsible commitments”.


For more info about SEPPIC, check out their website HERE or connect with the Team through the BioMarine Community!

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