After 10 years, this international blue catalyzer is ready for the next move 

Ana Ferreira (BioMarine Community Manager) 


Last year, during the 2018 Edition of the BioMarine Business Convention, we celebrated among many members and partners the 10th anniversary of the Convention! A whole decade dedicated to bring the surface the latest innovations based on marine bio resources and connecting them with key industry players to bring new, and more sustainable, solutions from the sea to the market. More than this, the Convention is the moment where all the yearly work developed by BioMarine comes to life, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

But what is the Convention about? Why is it different from all other Conventions? What has been achieved so far? What are the new developments for this year’s Edition? Not to worrie, we will explain it all to you all in this article!


How did it all began? 

It all began with a few phone calls! Pierre Erwes, BioMarine Chairman gives us an idea - “Back when it all began, the blue bio economy was not even a concept - it didn't exist. The first to come on board was Tony Haymet, the director at SCRIPPS in San Diego, who immediately realized the potential of BioMarine and endorsed it. The European Commission's ocean agenda at the time was the maritime transport and fishery sectors. Tiago Pitta e Cunha, who worked for Commissioner Borg's cabinet, was part of the initial task force responsible for preparing the European blue agenda. After a meeting in the Azores, he became very supportive of BioMarine”. This paved the way for close ties, with BioMarine moving quickly towards the blue bio economy. As Pierre explained – “We abandoned traditional sectors (maritime transport, energy and aquaculture) to concentrate on blue biotechnologies and marine bio resources. These sectors were severely overlooked at the time. We decided to focus our attention on the development of business opportunities in this emerging sector”. BioMarine was soon recognized as the main international scouting platform, a place to conduct business, find investors and discuss innovative technologies designed to move the blue bio industry forward.


What the BioMarine Business Convention is all about

In the words of Pierre Erwes – “The BioMarine Business Convention is not at all a Conference! On the opposite, the Convention is an industry & investment platform, a global accelerator,  a place where you literally run all day interacting with people from all over the world, chasing the best opportunities, the investor who will fund your project or the government that will support your   development”. In a nutshell, the BioMarine Convention is the final stage where all the actors in the blue economy, from all over the world, meet to make business and establish crucial partnerships to make even more business! 

But there is more to it than meets the eye. The Convention is the culmination of a year’s work full of practical engagement between biomass producers, technology providers and industrials that will bring their challenges and solutions to the BioMarine Convention stage. The ultimate goal is to make them happen with the support of investors and the governments that also attend the Convention. 












The main results achieved so far

With its origins in France, where it was developed in 2008 and 2011, the BioMarine Convention quickly spread to other countries in Europe (London, Portugal, Norway) and North America (Canada and the US). In each place, BioMarine made sure to establish strong collaborations with local governments, making sure to keep the momentum going after each conference, to boost each country blue economy through it own actors. 
Each event brings together delegates from the industry (57%), research (17%), government (15%) and finance (12%), and no more than 350 delegates (mostly CEOs and top executives), from over 20 countries and holding a vast diversity of backgrounds – Ingredients, Nutrition, nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, pharma, biomaterials. The BioMarine Convention is focused on business and investment and generate a substantial amount of business deals.


A new model and Projects for the 2019 Edition!

After more than 10 years of existence, BioMarine’s priorities have evolved and it is now becoming the communication vehicle of two larger projects which will be revealed at the Cascais 2019 Convention. Furthermore, BioMarine and the Australian New Zealand Marine Biotech Society have signed a strategic agreement to connect Oceania and Europe on the blue bio economy. Following this changing wave, this year’s Edition will follow a new model based on a key message – The Blue Bio Industry as a global provider of marine based services and products for all the other industries: food, feed, cosmetics & personal care, stationery, distribution, packaging, construction, fashion, waste & remediation, aerospace, furniture and so much more. To achieve this, and during two intensive days, three main complementary topics (or steps) will be explored: 1) Digitalization of Marine Resources; 2) Global Trading of Blue Bio-based Products & Services; 3) Blue Bio-based Materials into Practice. This will be done through the implementation of Innovation Workshops based on problem-solving approaches to define practical solutions and respective strategies to implement them. 

This is what we bring you this year: the opportunity to play a crucial role in the innovative projects and strategies that will shape the blue economy for the years to come!



If you want to know more about the 2019 BioMarine Business Convention?

Check out the Event Page on the BioMarine Community!

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