Unleashing the potential of the Blue Bioplastics through a cooperative approach  

Ana Ferreira (BioMarine Community Manager)

Pierre Erwes (BioMarine Chairman )


At this point, we are all aware that plastic pollution is depleating our oceans’ health and, in the end, our very own. Analyzing the problem is an important first step towards potential recovery, but the time has come to identify solutions and put them into practice. It is important to note that there is no absolute or instant solution, but rather a steady and progressive transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy. How will this all happen? What are the best models to really put this vision into practice? Who are, ultimately, the enablers of the change? How should they work together to do it?

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The rising of Blue Bioplastics

A variety of alternatives to carbon-based plastics  already exist today in the market – marine resources in particular have become a top contender. From seaweeds, to bacteria and crustacean shells, these blue bioplastic alternatives hold many advantages when compared to other bioplastics: no direct competition with the food industry, no need for land, no need for fresh water. Nevertheless, this seemingly more sustainable alternative raises other important questions: how to guarantee a sustainable exploitation of marine resources? How to bring the developed technologies into the market? What industries to focus on? How to keep it all sustainable (from the environmental, social and business point of view).


Using collaborative approaches to instigate more solutions!

To tackle these important questions and to propel these sustainable blue bioplastics into the market, BioMarine launched the Blue Bioplastic Consortium during the 2018 BioMarine Business Convention. This Consortium, composed of different market players, – researchers, raw material producers, technology providers, industrials and governmental agencies – aims to identify and tackle the main challenges, define and share the best practices, and establish key partnerships to facilitate the integration of blue bioplastics into the global plastic market mix











The Blue Bioplastics Innovation Workshop – Round two

The Blue Bioplastics Consortium benefited from a second impetus during the openning of the Monaco Ocean Week, (24 March, 2019) with the organization of the Blue Bioplastic  Innovation Workshop. During one intensive day, researchers, raw material producers, technology providers, industrials, NGOs and governmental agencies sat together and were tasked with resolving critical questions, identifying market opportunities and challenges, and proposing feasible strategies. The workshop’s success emanated from the extensive use of collaborative approaches – all discussion groups included participants from different backgrounds that analysed questions using different perspectives. The participants were subsequently able to identify key, traditionally overlooked issues and propose systemic solutions. 











A unique opportunity to meet the right people

An event organized by BioMarine would not be possible without its signature characteristic of intensive networking to boost new business opportunities. With the auspicious blessing of Monte Carlo’s weather, a networking lunch was the perfect moment for all the participants not only to meeting old friends and colleagues, but also to establish important new business connections. After all, this is how the best solutions find the right enablers. 












The next steps for the Blue Bioplastic Consortium

After closing this very fruitful second round of the Blue Bio Plastic Innovation Workshop, we still have a lot of work to accomplish! For the third round, which will be organized during the 2019 BioMarine Business Convention (November 4-5) in Cascais (Portugal), we will focus on the next step: developing industry partnerships to support the practical implementation of projects. 

This November edition will be the place to discover what concrete realizations have been initiated. Stay tuned!


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