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Children for the Oceans – A leading example on the blue for the new generation!  

Ana Ferreira (BioMarine Community Manager) 


During the Blue Bioplastics Innovation Workshop, last week in Monaco, we got the chance to meet Thomas Lesage, a 15 year old teenager that founded the NGO Children for the Oceans, with great support from his mother, Stephanie Lesage. Based in France, but sailing across the world, Tom is spreading an important message to other kids (and adults!) – the urgent need for the global protection of the oceans. With this, he aims to create embassadors for the oceans everywhere he goes, creating a legacy for the next generation of blue leaders.

We talked to Tom and got to know a bit more about what he has achieved so far and what he aims to do in the future. 

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How Children for the Oceans has started 

Moved by the will to protect the oceans world wide, Thomas quickly understood that his actions could be amplified if he shared it with other kids and empower them to do the same. This is how Children for the Ocean was born in 2018. Ocean acidification, plastic pollution and overfishing are some of the thematics that he is presenting and discussing with children in schools worldwide in a very unique way, as he explains: “Last September 2018 I sailed for 4 months, watching some of these ocean realities. In some of the ports were we stopped, I got the chance to organize awareness and training sessions in local schools to explain students about the ocean’s current situation and what we have to do in a global scale. More importantly, we got the chance to train them to take action and spread this message!”. In total, Tom visited 5 different countries, and engaged with more than 200 kids.


The activities that Children for the Oceans is promoting

During his sailing trip around France and other countries, Tom shared his knowledge and experience about different topics. However, plastic pollution is for him a very important one - “In my presentations I explain that plastic pollution is a real threat to the oceans and wildlife and I teach them different ways to reduce the impact of plastics, such as considerably reducing the use of single used plastics, recycle more and to select their waste”.


Creating tools to empower other kids

Tom realizes that his message, although important, requires specific supporting tools to keep the momentum going after each awareness session. For that, he is now preparing the creation of specific tools that he will use  to empower other kids to do the same, creating hundreds of “Toms” around the world. As he explained “The tools I am creating include different materials, like presentations, that other kids can use to  convey the message in a more convenient and engaging way”. This is the true meaning of empowerment and will allow the message of the Children for the Oceans to reach even more people!











Representing the young generations on the Blue Bioplastics Workshop

Last week, BioMarine organized the Blue Biopastics Innovation Workshop, in Monaco. During the discussion sessions, different entities sat together to define systemic strategies to unleash the potential of the blue bioplastics from different perspectives. Tom represented Children for the Oceans, but more importantly, the vision of the new blue generations. Moreover, Tom will bring with him the acquired knowledge to his future actions around the world!












The goals for 2019 and beyond

For this year, Tom shared that “I intend to keep sailing and visiting as many schools as possible, not only in France but also reaching Asia and in the future the US. Also, I aim to be present in as many business and networking events such as this one organized by BioMarine, where I can acquire important knowledge and contacts that will help me push Children for the Oceans forward”. The NGO is also looking for new partners that can join them in this mission.

We will keep you up to speed with Thomas latest news about Children for the Oceans! 


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