MyBlueCity is going digital | Interview #7 | AquaBioTech Group

AquaBioTech Group- Innovative aquaculture solutions, from Malta to the world!  

Ana Ferreira (BioMarine Community Manager) 


AquaBioTech Group has been working for the last 20 years with more than 55 countries to provide services and products that range from consultancy for aquaculture projects (offshore and onshore), services and expertise in aquatic and marine environmental projects, and research facilities and technical support. AquaBioTech Group also provides clients with market research/intelligence, feasibility assessment and finance acquisition for their projects. 

We talked with their team in Malta and discovered what they are doing and where they want to go! 

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The beginning of AquaBioTech Group 

When the company was created, back in 1998, the aquaculture industry was quite different from what it is now as “there was a lack of knowledge transfer between research and industry; many innovations did not survive past the development stage, and often were not directed towards solving the crucial problems”. Faced with that, AquaBioTech Group decided to “take the risk of doing something different and began by developing our R&D and training facility to test different technologies available, identify bottlenecks and then develop realistic solutions”. Fortunately, the gamble paid off, and they ended up developing several products which have become very successful!   










The reasons behind their success 

Among their many products and services, AquaBioTech Group is especially proud about their “Recirculation Aquaculture Systems, which have proven to be particularly sought after and remain a rapidly growing area of our company”. On the other side, their “contract research service for the development of new feeds and formulations is also receiving a lot of demand”. Ultimately, the team shared that their “continuous investment in concepts which may not seem currently lucrative, but which we, believe have the potential to be industry game changers” and “dedication, hard work, trustworthiness and a passion for what we do” have been key to the development of high-quality products and services inside the Company. 










Increasing efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture systems

Faced with a growing need to assure the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture systems, AquaBioTech Group is “taking part in projects that focus upon principles of circular economy, as well as projects using Life Cycle Assessment to measure the environmental impacts of fish farming value chains with novel feed ingredients and technologies”.  As an example, the team explained that they are “currently working on a case study in Malta using an Integrated MultiTrophic Aquaculture approach where we deployed sea cucumber near to sea bream cultivation cages to see how they might be used to reduce some of the nutrient related impacts of fish farming (European research funded programme called TAPAS-Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability)”. The team rightfully concludes that “sustainability issues are something we cannot ignore as a business or as a society”, and we couldn’t agree more!











AquaBioTech Group keeps expanding with the market needs

For the last 20 years, the Company has already reached a great network of clients, in more than 55 countries, and has achieved a considerable size, with more than 65 people from 25 different countries. Nevertheless, their ambition is to keep expanding to other countries as they “have product solutions that will enable them to meet their aquaculture development goals. In some cases, where traditional aquaculture markets are moving towards increased production, our technologies are exactly what is being sought”. Currently, the team has “on-going projects and assignments in more than 18 countries and projects in the pipeline with many more”.










Finally, the goals for 2019!

For this year, the team said that “we have some very exciting projects which will be completed in 2019 as well as several more under development. We seek to strengthen collaboration across our worldwide partners and bring more young professionals into the industry”. However, the team called attention to their main goal: “Continue to say with confidence that aquaculture is the way forward for many of the Sustainable Development Goals which we commonly share, and it is with this vision that we continue to move forward”.











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