Ten years already that we started to nest BioMarine, the first international platform dedicated to the blue bio economy and blue investment. Back in 2008, no government, no bank, no private equity, nor international financial organization was considering the potential of the blue bio economy. With the growing awareness developed around the climate change issue, people started to look at the ocean as a key component of the equation. People started to realized that the cradle of life was also becoming our global trashcan.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was the first blue leader to jump in the pool, by launching practical actions, engaging with communities, supporting innovation and trying to convince other governments to follow his steps. Luckily he was soon follwoed by several nations and small island nations which are the most concerned.

Ten years after, the blue is becoming the new green. It's on every agenda, and every body wish to participate to be part of the global ocean rescue. Fair enough...

Far from the buzz and now that our business platforms are well established, now that our growing network of 6,000 companies and professionals working in the sphere of the blue bio economy is consolidating, we have decided to establish another important corner stone of our blue bio economy. It's the international blue coop based on the initial model developed by our friend Kim Buffit in the lower north shore community, Quebec. With sustainability as its core value, the Cooperative has been developed as a new social economic model to build local knowledge, local capacity and local leadership through collaboration and partnership with global partners. Considering the standard definitions of sustainability, integrating social, economic and environmental factors the Cooperative set out to create something that would last and build on local communities’ resources. The Cooperative will produce all low trophic species and marine ingredients such as seaweed, and sea cumbers, and will handle the fish and aquaculture byproducts which are extremely valuable. Ingredients and byproducts will be transformed and depending on the industry partnerships each Coop will establish, they will provide natural fertilizer, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, bio-materials and blue bio-plastics, and pharmaceuticals. It is a membership-based model with equal voting rights for each member and allocation of benefits are based on a member’s contribution to the cooperative. Each regional and national Coop is part of our international blue Coop which receives a clear mandate to negotiate at global level with international organizations, corporations, and investors. Connecting blue bio-economy cooperatives will provide an excellent platform for bringing together community leadership, researchers, policy makers, industry and investment for sound bio-economy development and long term sustainable well-being of rural and remote regions. The Blue Coop is expanding: Quebec, Alaska, Mexico, French Polynesia, Portugal, Spain, and soon Australia, Djibouti, Morocco, Mozambique, Madagascar...

To foster the deployment of blue bio economy, we needed a last brick to our mosaic. A private equity fund entirely dedicated to our blue bio economy: "Blue Forward". This fund has a global scope. It allows key enabling technology developed by SMEs around the world to reach indifferently Africa, India, Mexico, Australia, Europe or Canada to allow the regional transformation of raw materials produced locally for regional markets. Because all the blue bio economy is definitively sustainable we will support the translation of this technology wherever it's needed. Portable bio-refinery to produce starch in each seaweed farm, so we can produce blue bio plastic for the regional market, cocktail of enzymes and bacteria to digest faster and produce the right fertilizer, extraction methods to produce at a cost the natural ingredient for a future cosmetic brand, or cultivation of the sea-cucumbers for nutrition, bio-materials and pharma drugs based on amazing neuro-peptides. Corporate venture funds, family offices, banks and financial institution are getting onboard. our deal flow is ready and we push hard to make our first closing in the coming months. If you wish to become one of the lucky LPs being part of the first blue fund ever then contact me....we will dive together into a world of opportunities.

Best in blue

Pierre Erwes

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