MyBlueCity is going digital | Interview#1 | UNDERSEE

Undersee - The future of water monitoring is made in Portugal

Right at the first sight you can feel the enthusiasm and sense of proudness that the Undersee team exuberates while explaining what they are doing! From left to right in the picture, Tiago Cristóvão, Jorge Vieira, Vasco Gouveia and Pedro Lopes represent the Start-up that attended the MyBlueCity 2018 in Portugal. We got to know them a little bit better and we are happy to share it with you!

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Undersee means water monitoring digitalization

At first glance, the device that Undersee showed us looks like a the most beautiful and polished golden box you have ever seen. After all, the team admitted they made sure the appearance was top notch! After exploring the device, it becomes quite clear that it is so much more than that! The start-up, born at the University of Coimbra, developed a water monitoring device (#water) supported by a cloud-based dashboard (#Cloud) that collects the water, reads images and water quality parameters and sends them to your phone, in real time. The information collected is then used for direct monitoring and to develop predictive models!

From an academic project to Undersee

During an academic project, the team was challenged to build an underwater robot equipped with sensors to collect water information for the aquaculture market. Understanding that thenumber one challenge of this market was the collection of reliable water data, the team quickly focused in perfecting the device, putting on hold the underwater vehicle development. The market had a pain and Undersee was created to find a solution!


What Undersee is offering the market?

According to Tiago, the start-up is following a product-as-a-service business model, by providing customers with installation - plug-and-play the device and access to the cloud –, guaranteeing all maintenance support. And the best of all? The collected water information can be personalized to each customer, depending of what information is most needed! Right now, the team in on the pre-commercial phase, working directly with 10 clients to test and perfect the system.








2018 was a crucial year for UNDERSEE

During 2018, Undersee got the chance to participate in the BlueBioValue acceleration program, the BioMarine Business Convention and the MyBlue City! We asked them about the main highlights of each event and Tiago explained that “The BlueBioValue gave us the unique opportunity to really focus during two months on the strategy for Undersee, which is usually undermined during our day-to-day life".

Regarding the BioMarine events, we couldn’t feel happier by the team’s feedback: “After the work developed, the opportunity to be present in the BioMarine Convention and the MyBlueCity was perfect for us! We got the chance to put in practice our new communication strategy and have access to top professionals from all over the world. Otherwise, it would take us months and considerable funding to track down and meet with everyone! During both events, we were able to create 6 leads for our business that will take shape during 2019.”.


The milestones for 2019: new projects and business expansion

After a busy year, Tiago explained that in 2019 Undersee will give important steps: “We will start a project for IST (University of Lisbon) to collect water information along the Tagus river by attaching our device to a ferry boat. This will be used to validate predicting models and allow us to test the product”. The BioMarine Community was invited to see them in action, as we will update you soon!

Regarding expansion, the team is exploring two important markets – Spain and Norway! The first has obvious location advantages and the second, well, “It’s the major European player in the aquaculture industry” explains Tiago, “If we can test our product with important players there, the validation and feedbacks will play a huge role for market recognition and future businesses for Undersee!”. The team is already exploring both markets and have a very well-defined goal for 2019: “Close a solid monitoring contract with a big player and launch between 20 to 40 devices”. 

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