MyBlueCity, Cascais, Portugal

Oct 02, 2018 14:00 -
Oct 04, 2018 17:00 UTC
Estoril Congress Center, Av. Amaral, 2765-192 Estoril, Portugal

MyBlueCity: Organized like a small town so as to enable visitors to witness the variety of blue derived products and interact with different blue stakeholders (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, construction, aquaculture, etc).

The main purpose of MyBlueCity is to raise awareness about the importance of the blue economy. It is an immersive thematic expo, where industry will present their most innovative products and services through demos (a demo differs from a commercial presentation as it is explaining the entire value chain of the product and the different stages from conception to production). MyBlueCity’ s Agora is the center point of MyBlueCity : the place for interactions with the public, interviews, project and company presentations.

During the coming months, through the BioMarine Community's web portal and mobile app, we will structure our Circles and groups ( ex: #MyBluefactory) in order to indentify the key demos and key technologies we want to showcase in each district (view all districts below). During the event we will organize thematic visits for hosted buyers and region's representatives.

BioMarine delegates, sponsors and partners will get:

Full access to MyBlueCity during 3 days.

Private dedicated tours, during the course of the event according the "circle" they belong to.

In addition, if you wish to book a demo in one or several disctricts, please contact us to discuss your package.

- If you're not a BioMarine delegate and wish to submit a demo in of the 11 districts ( fees apply), please contact us. Up to 50% of the demos will be reserved to Portuguese SMEs and industry key players. If you are interested in booking a 4m2 demo, let us know ASAP. Demos must showcase innovative products or solutions. If questions :

- Professionals and graduate students are welcome to visit.  They will have dedicated time slots for visiting MyBlueCity at no cost (registration required).



MyBlueCity exhibitors-only do not have access to the BioMarine Business Convention area ( programme and 1to1)  but have access to the lunches.

MyBlueCity visitors-only do not have access to the BioMarine Business Convention area ( programme, 1to1 and social events). 

 Check our 2017 Floor Plan ( MyBlueCity Rimouski / 5 districts)

MyBlueCity Visitor
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